420 Day and Dispensaries

In 1971, four high school students in San Rafael, California formed a club called The Waldos. Legend has it The Waldos heard a story of a coast guard member who had planted a cannabis plant but was called back to service and could no longer care for it. The Waldos decided to search for the elusive plant together and met every day after sports practice at a statue on the school campus at exactly 4:20 PM. They never found the plant, but they did coin the phrase used worldwide to covertly signify marijuana – 420. That has blossomed to include April 20th as 420 day.

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Summer is Coming (we hope!) – Choose the Right Bag for Concession Stands and Food Vendors

While we may still have several inches of snow on the ground – and broken records for low temperatures this weekend in Green Bay, we know that it won’t be long before summer will be here. That means now is the time for concession stand and food truck operators to plan for summer farmer’s markets, sporting events, and festivals. WCI offers a full range of concession supplies for packaging all types of food.

For food stand proprietors evaluating their summer concession needs, there are many options available. Sizes and paper substrates vary as well as options for stock designs and bag construction. There are ways to save on costs – including taking advantage of stock printed bags or ordering in bulk to leverage volume pricing. Many times you can purchase one bag size to use for many different food items.

Here’s a guide to some of the uses and available options for our popular concession bags:

Sandwich/Burger Bags:

  • Standard Sizes:
    • 6 x .75 x 7
    • 6.75 x 7 (open side)open side sandwich burger bag
    • 7 x 1 x 8
    • 7 x 1 x 8 (open side)
  • Available in standard and open-side construction
  • Available Colors: Grease-Resistant White, Grease-Resistant Natural
  • Stock Design Available: None
  • Commonly branded with custom design
  • Uses: Sandwiches, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot pretzels, pizza slices, cookies, fried foods
  • Minimum order: 1 case (plain), 10m (custom printed – select sizes)

French Fry Bags:

  • Standard Sizes:
    • 4.5 x 3.5french fry bags with logo
    • 5 x 1 x 4
    • 5 x 1 x 8
  • Available Colors: Grease-Resistant White
  • Stock Design Available: “French Fries” (red & yellow ink)
  • Commonly branded with custom design
  • Uses: French fries, cheese curds, cookies, onion rings,
    fried vegetables, egg rolls, fried foods
  • Minimum order: 1 case (plain), 10m (custom printed – select sizes)

Hot Dog Bags:

  • Standard Sizes:
    • 3 x 2 x 9
    • 3.5 x 2 x 9 (open side)
    • 3 x 2 x 12 (foot long)
  • Available in standard and open-side construction
  • Available Colors: Grease-Resistant White
  • Stock Design Available: “Hot Dog” (red & black ink)
  • Uses: Hot dogs, corn dogs, churros, anything on a stick!
  • Minimum order: 1 case (plain), 10m (custom printed – select sizes)

Popcorn Bags:

  • Standard Sizes:
    • Pinch Bottom:
      • 3.5 x 2 x 8 (1 oz.)
      • 4.75 x 1.25 x 12 (2 oz.)
      • 6 x .75 x 9 (1.25 oz.)Popcorn bags custom print
      • 6 x .75 x 17.75 (4.25 oz.)
    • Square Bottom (SOS):
      • 2# SOS
      • 4# SOS
      • 6# SOS
  • Available Colors: White
  • Stock Design Available: “Popcorn” with clown (red & blue ink) – available on pinch bottom bags
  • Commonly branded with custom design
  • Uses: Popcorn, caramel corn, kettle corn
  • Minimum order: 1 case (plain), 1 case (custom printed – select sizes)

To view our entire food service packaging line, visit our website. If our standard concession items don’t suit your food items, let us know. With our wide range of manufacturing capabilities, our helpful team can find a solution to your needs.

Consider custom printing your logo, website, event calendar (for traveling food stands and special events) or flavors on the bag to create a unique food wrap that your patrons will find fun and functional. Low minimums are available on many items – contact us today for samples, pricing, and more information.


Recycled White Survey Results

Survey after survey shows that the 21st century consumer prefers paper bags over plastic, and recycled paper bags over virgin fiber paper bags. We have long offered recycled natural as a stock option for many of our bags, but have recently noticed an uptick in requests for recycled white.

Last month we sent out a survey to our customers, asking about preferences in recycled papers and stock bag sizes for some of our most popular bags. Periodically, we send out surveys to our customers to inform our decisions on the products, substrates, and sizes we stock. We had an excellent response to the recycled white survey, and we want to share the results with you.

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Environmental Benefits of Paper Packaging from Wisconsin Converting, Inc.

WCI was one of the first manufacturers to manufacture and stock 100% recycled natural paper merchandise & SOS bags for the retail and food service markets. We’re committed to supplying high-quality, eco-friendly paper bags to serve customers large and small and to producing those bags in a way that reduces our environmental impact and improves the communities where we live and work.

Environmentally conscious customers choose WCI for a variety of reasons, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • WCI stocks 100% recycled natural paper merchandise & SOS bags in many sizes.
  • We manufacture Eco-Natural paper shipping bags with 100% recycled fibers (90% post-consumer). Eco-Shipper® contains 40% recycled content. Both are eco-friendly alternatives to poly or bubble mailers.
  • Most WCI products are 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable.
  • We print our products with water-based ink.
  • We work with paper mills and other manufacturers that are nationally-recognized industry leaders in environmental safety. High standards on emission controls, water purification standards, and energy efficiency help make WCI products safer for our environment.
  • Eco-conscious leadership: The State of Wisconsin has established the John C. Brogan Award for Outstanding Environmental Achievement on behalf of WCI’s owner, John Brogan.
  • Responsible manufacturing processes. Our plant uses energy-efficient lighting and a high-tech ink mixing system that virtually eliminates wasted ink. Learn more about our commitment to the environment and our employees on our website.

Colorful Printed Paper BagsWe are often asked about how paper compares to plastic from an environmental standpoint. Here are some statistics that may help those seeking an eco-friendly packaging solution:

  • Paper is recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.
  • Paper recycling is on the rise – 96% of Americans have access to community paper recycling programs.
  • Paper is recycled at a higher rate than plastic. A record 67.2% of paper consumed in the US was recovered for recycled in 2016. The remainder is often reused for other purposes including composting.
  • The annual paper recovery rate has doubled since 1990 and US paper recovery has met or exceeded 63% for the past eight years. The industry has a goal to exceed 70% paper recovery for recycling by 2020.
  • Every ton of paper recovered saves 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space, 7,000 gallons of water, and 4,100 kilowatts of electricity.
  • Paper comes from trees – a renewable resource. Each year 1.7 billion trees are planted in the United States – more than five trees for every man, woman and child in America – an average of 4.8 million seedlings each day.
  • Nearly 37% of the raw material used to make new paper products comes from recycled paper. Today, the forest products industry uses 50% less water per ton of product than in 1975.

Sources: www.paperrecycles.org, American Forest & Paper Association, http://www.hardwoodforest.org/forestfacts

Paper Bags for Packaging Handcrafted Soaps

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Handcrafted Soap & Bath Bombs

When it comes to packaging, nothing says “natural” quite like a paper bag. Artisans seeking an environmentally-friendly solution for packaging their handcrafted soaps want something that is grease or oil-resistant, recyclable, and inexpensive. That’s why many of them choose paper bags to package their products.

Bath Bomb Bags
Cream-colored merchandise bags printed with product names and customer logo

Paper bags come in many shapes, sizes, and colors that effectively pack single bars of soap– or multiple items. From small recycled brown paper merchandise bags, to glassine bags, and grease-resistant SOS bags, we offer a range of products for packaging soaps, bath bombs, lotion bars, and more. Our Eco-Natural shipping bags are growing in popularity with Etsy shop owners and others who ship bath products worldwide.

Here are some creative ways soap makers are using WCI paper bags for packaging hand-made soaps, lotions, and bath bombs:

  • Choosing different colored paper merchandise bags for packaging different scents. Think pink for rose-scented soaps, purple for lavender, yellow for lemon…you get the idea. It’s an easy way to package, sort, and identify different items and to display them for sale.
  • Purchasing a specialty bag like glassine-lined Gourmet bags to package bath bombs or bars of soap – eliminating the need for pre-wrapping in plastic or another wax paper. Originally created as an upscale way to package candies and cookies, Gourmet bags come in many vibrant colors and have become trendy for soap artisans because they are functional and attractive.
  • Specialty products deserve a distinctive touch. Plain paper bags
    Natural kraft soap bag
    100% recycled natural kraft bag used for Goat Milk Soap

    can be hand-stamped, doodled on, or labeled with stickers. Add ribbon and a gift tag, raffia, a hint of glitter, or another unique twist to give plain bags some personality.

  • Custom printing. Any of our stock bags can be custom printed with product descriptions, logos, instructions, and more. Minimums as low as 500 bags can make personalized packaging possible for home businesses.

Packaging should promote the products within. Paper bags are clean, simple, and natural. Call today for samples and more information.


A Little Love for the Paper Bag

The paper bag doesn’t often get uproarious accolades. After all, it isn’t new or innovative. Sure, there are many different sizes of bags and several types of paper. But really, it’s still “just a bag.” As one online product review recently read, “What’s to say? You put things in them. It’s a bag and it does what bags do, hold things.”

Having worked at a paper bag manufacturing company for the last 14 years, I thought it was time to take a stand and sing the praises of the paper bag. After all, unless it’s an SOS bag, it certainly can’t stand up for itself (just a little inside bag humor!). For retailers and other businesses, there really are many reasons to love paper bags:

  1. They’re inexpensive. Compared to boxes or high-end poly and reusable bags, a paper bag is an economical packaging option for everything from popcorn seeds to upscale fashion.
  2. They’re classic. There’s a reason Bloomingdale’s choose a little brown bag. They let your image and products do the talking.
  3. You can reuse them. While often considered single-use, paper bags are perfect for a second life packing lunches, wrapping gifts, scrap paper, crafts, and any number of other creative purposes.
  4. When you’re finished with them, they’re biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.
  5. Paper bags can make a unique statement. If a plain brown bag is a bit TOO understated for your business, dress them up a bit and use them to your advantage. Select a colorful paper bag to stand out from the crowd. For a special touch, stamp or add a handwritten message to your customers.
  6. A simple brown bag can be a workhorse for your brand. Print your logo or promotional information directly on the bag and use it as a “walking billboard.” And if you really want to “go for it” have your logo hot stamped on them to give them a shiny, embossed look. On stock bags, you can custom print them for as little as once case, so you don’t have to be a large company or store a bunch of product.
  7. So many options! There are numerous sizes and shapes of bags and types of paper. Whether you need something grease-resistant to package food or homemade soaps or a heavy-duty bag for bottles of wine or groceries there is literally a paper bag for almost any purpose.

So, what’s not to love about the good old paper bag? Need more reasons to choose paper? Call our sales team or visit our website and we’ll help you find the right bag for your business.

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Grease-Resistant Bag – Surface Property Experiment

Surface Property Experiment

Summer can be long (for parents), so we enlisted the help of this soon-to-be third grader in a little paper bag experiment. The assignment was to perform a test on several grease-resistant papers and photograph them over time to better illustrate the varying levels of resistance.

The 35# white and natural kraft are shown as a “control” as they have no grease-resistant properties. The results? See for yourself!

Which one is right for your product? Read our helpful guide.

Grease-Resistant Packaging Options

Don’t let a greasy bag give your restaurant an unappetizing appearance. Plain kraft paper bags are an inexpensive option for packaging many items. But products that contain oils or grease require a different type of bag entirely. That’s where we come in.

WCI manufactures three distinct grease-resistant bags. Glassine, waxed paper, and grease-resistant paper each have unique qualities that make them ideal for packaging greasy or oily items. The product you’re packaging, your print requirements, and your budget affect which paper is the right choice for your business. See them in action – check out our surface property experiment!

All three different paper grades are safe for food contact, maintain freshness, and resist grease. But there are other factors to consider – like environmental implications and available sizes. To help retail, food service, and bakery customers select the best possible bag for their products we’ve outlined some of the key items to consider:

Glassine: A smooth, glossy paper manufactured by a process called super-calendaring. Provides a clean grease barrier for foods like candy, cake, chocolate, bread, potato chips, soaps, cookies, greasy or oily foods, pickles, egg rolls and more.

  • Features:
    • Transparent, high-end appearance
    • Very thin and smooth
  • Environmental Impact:
    • Recycled content: up to 20% (WCI bags are made with a glassine that starts from 100% sustainability managed forests)
    • 100% recyclable, biodegradable
  • Availability:
    • Available as a custom item in sizes ranging from: 2” wide to 11” tall.
    • Glassine-lined Gourmet bags are in-stock and ready to ship. Choose from three standard sizes and a variety of colors.
    • Custom printing or hot stamping options as low as one case. Truckload quantities and volume discounts available.

Dry Wax Paper: Paper coated on both sides with wax to become resistant to moisture. Dry wax paper undergoes a process where wax is driven into the sheet, leaving no surface residue. This means no wax will transfer to the product inside the bag. The wax coating prevents moisture from passing in either direction to extend freshness of food inside the bag. Wax bags are most often used for: bakeries, cookies and other baked goods, sandwiches, pizza and “doggy” or leftover bags.

  • Features:
    • Keeps moisture in/out to extend the freshness of food inside
  • Environmental Impact:
    • Not recyclable or compostable – wax makes paper moisture-resistant and therefore paper won’t be broken down by water in the recycling process. Like grease and other residue, wax cannot be removed from the paper during recycling.
    • Can be applied to 100% recycled natural kraft for a natural appearance.
  • Availability:
    • Offered as a custom option on select bag sizes. Minimums and sizes per quotation. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Grease-Resistant Paper: White or natural kraft paper made with a grease-resistant coating applied to inhibit grease penetration or staining. Provides a superior printing surface, making it a great option for branded restaurant or food packaging. Less expensive than waxed bags, they’re an affordable option for packaging greasy or oily foods including French fries, sandwiches, pretzels, burgers, hot dogs, potato and tortilla chips, corn dogs, fried foods, bread sticks, pastries, cheese curds, and more.

  • Features:
    • Breathable to let steam and moisture out so food doesn’t get soggy.
    • Smooth surface looks great printed
  • Environmental Impact:
    • 100% recyclable, biodegradable
  • Availability:

WCI is pleased to provide packaging solutions for the restaurant and food service industries. Visit our website today for more information on food and retail packaging options.